Alisa Nowik Stern, Psy.D. (PSY 21587) is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has been working with pregnant women, new parents, and families with very young children since 1989.


Meditative bells hanging in the office

Her approach is positive, collaborative,
and supportive.

She believes in the inherent intelligence, wisdom, and strength of each individual.

Through the process of psychotherapy and collaborative exploration, Alisa helps her clients overcome old hurts and obstacles to wellness, healing, and balance.

Areas of specialization include: 

Pregnancy | Postpartum Adjustment | Transition to Parenthood | Parenting
Maternal Mental Health | Women’s Issues | LGBT Issues
 Anxiety | Depression | Trauma | Preschoolers with Anxiety/Selective Mutism

Maternal Health and Wellness

Maternal Mental Health

Adjusting to the birth of a baby can be challenging. The transition to parent-hood involves a profound upheaval and transformation in a woman’s life.

Along with dramatic physical changes in your body, there are fundamental shifts in identity, roles, relationships, beliefs, and behavior.

Children's Therapy

Kiddo Concerns

Worried about your kiddo? Dr. Alisa has training and extensive experience as a child psychologist.

In addition to seeing young children and their parents in her office, Dr. Alisa
conducts clinical observations and provides consultation in a variety of other settings including daycare, preschool, school, and home.

Family and Couples Counseling

Family and Couples

Relationships are at the core of who we are as human beings. When we are under stress, our relationships can feel strained or disconnected.

Dr. Alisa works with couples and families to form deeper connections and thrive even when under stress.