Becoming a parent is exciting and joyful but can also be stressful and demanding.

I am passionate about helping parents become the best parents they can be.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in maternal mental health issues. I work primarily in the area of perinatal mental health with pregnant and postpartum mothers. I work with women of all ages and all life stages and transitions. I have been working with parents, children, and families for over 20 years in a variety of settings.

I grew up in Berkeley, California. Both my parents were psychiatrists and so I was interested (and steeped!) in psychology from a very young age. I have two children myself - one who is a first-year college student and one who is a 3rd grader.



My Practice

"It’s very much a
collaborative process"

"Part of it is creating a big big space for all the feelings around this transition in your life.

Another part of it is rolling up our sleeves and figuring out very concrete ways to manage and cope with all of the changes."

My Office

Wellness services of all types under one roof

My office is at the Rockridge Wellness Center on College Avenue in Oakland, CA. The Wellness Center is home to a caring group of therapists, bodyworkers, holistic health practitioners, and a wellness studio for classes/workshops - lots of services for moms!

I also offer Home Visits.